Rodeo Crossing Fashion Art


Frame Colour

Introducing the "Rodeo Crossing Fashion Art," a captivating black and white print that artfully juxtaposes the wild and the refined. A zebra strides across a striped crossing, framed by the opulence of the Bvlgari Fashion House and the sleek lines of a nearby sports car. This exotic and beautiful print is designed to transform any interior, adding a touch of elegance and intrigue to your space.


Please allow a 4-5 week delivery time as artwork is prepared by hand by trained artisans.  



    • Designer Art Print
    • 100% Australian-made
    • White solvent paint is sprayed protecting the back of the artwork.
    • Perspex finish is near identical to glass finish yet lightweight
    • Glass slightly better finish close up, perspex is more durable
    • Finished with 100% hardwood timber frame