It's Easier Than You Think!

Our aim at Attica is to ensure that buying furniture and decor is as simple and easy as possible. Should something go wrong upon receipt of your purchased goods, then we believe organising for a replacement or a refund should be seamless and hassle-free. 

Read below for the possible scenario's that can arise after receiving an item and please remember; you have 30 days from the receipt of your item(s) from the date of delivery to allow us to remedy any issue.

You'll find however, that when you receive an item and it's damaged or it's not what you ordered then getting a replacement or a refund is fairly quick and easy. 


Item Damaged During Transit

On occasion, an item will be damaged or marked during the actual delivery. If you notify us within 30 days of receipt of your purchased goods and your damaged items meet our requirements then we can send a replacement to you. 

What to do - If your items received are damaged or marked, take a photo (or several photo's with your smart phone or iphone) and simply email the images with your order number to

When we receive the images, we'll confirm within 2-3 days that you are eligible for a replacement. Most requests for replacements are approved (within reason) and we'll provide a confirmation of a replacement with an estimate ETA for when you'll get your replacement item(s). 

Our couriers will pick up the damaged item (in most cases), and deliver the new replacement item. It's really that easy and it's at zero cost to you!


Item Damaged Through Use

Where items are damaged through use, or items are damaged or marked through general wear and tear, these items will not be eligible for replacement or refund. For example: Stains left on coffee tables where spills haven't been cleaned. Natural materials such as marble, stone & wood will stain when spills are not wiped up immediately so unfortunately refund or replacement is not a possibility here.

Please note however, that other scenarios such as weakening "joints" in tables or chairs due to substandard workmanship may be eligible for a replacement under warranty. Should this or a similar issue relating to quality arise, please contact Attica and we'll always endeavor to rectify the issue. 

Incorrect Item Received

If you receive an incorrect item, notify Attica within 30 days of receipt of your item and we will arrange for the old "incorrect" item to be picked up and the new "correct" item to be delivered to you. 

To have the items replaced just send an image of the box with the item number on the box and of the product received. Email 


Change of Mind Option - Items Up to $1000

Returning an item under the "Change of Mind" option is quick and easy. Any item with a value of up to $1000.00 is eligible for a refund under the "Change of Mind" policy. Sale Items Excluded.

You have 30 days to return your item(s) from the date of delivery. Each item(s) you return needs to be new, unused and in its original packaging in a saleable condition. Please note that we do not cover the return shipping costs.

Items excluded from "Change of Mind" refunds are:

  • Artwork - As artwork is custom-made and prepared over several weeks we do not offer a "change of mind" option for artwork. 
  • Items over $1000 - As items such as sofas and buffet cabinets are generally excluded for the "change of mind" option. The exclusion of large items is due to their size, the high delivery cost, the cost of reselling and storage costs. Large items are however covered under our "Damaged Items" policy and also under warranty. 
  • Grouped Items of same type - Where an order includes many items of the same type, i.e. 10 x Dining Chairs of the same name are purchased, the item value is taken as the sum of all 10 dining chairs, not the value of each individual dining chair. Where an items are bought of the same product for the same person/address but via different order numbers either on the same day or within a 5-day timeframe, these orders will be grouped as one order and the "Grouped items of same type" rules apply.
  • Free items - Where we have sent items as a gift, they cannot be returned for a refund as no money has been paid to enable a refund.

What to do - Email to ask whether your item is eligible for the "change of mind" option. We'll provide instructions on how to return the item if eligible for a refund. 

**Please note: Attica House reserves the right to charge a fee of $75.00 for "change of mind" requests for furniture & 30% fee for artwork due to the heavy labour costs involved.

Item "Too Large" or "Too Small"

A common issue we have is where our customers receive an item only to realise it's "too large" or "too small". With each product the dimensions are shown in the product page. Please take note of the actual dimensions as we do not offer refunds for the reason "too large" or "too small"

Please do not use the image online as a guide to size without first checking the actual width, depth and height contained within the product page of the item.


If an item has a warranty it will generally show in the product page against the product. A warranty will often be a 12-month warranty and covers manufacturing defects. In practice however, items are replaced with or without a warranty due to damage caused during transit and identified upon receipt. Items are replaced within around 2 weeks without engaging a warranty. 

Late Delivery

Unfortunately we cannot be liable for any loss as a result of a late delivery of your order and will not entitle you to cancel your order. If we are late, feel free however to let us know and we'll endeavor to do what we can to hasten delivery. 

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about our returns policy, please email or call 1300 754 700.