Dining In Santorini Coastal Wall Art - Landscape



Set in a stylish Santorini seaside setting, the "Dining in Santorini" Coastal Art features a rustic furniture setting overlooking the spectacular views of the Santorini Coast in the Greek Islands. 

It's sure to make a statement on any wall.


Our art prints are carefully prepared by hand and framed over several weeks, so please allow a 4-6 week delivery time. 


  • 812mm x 574mm
  • 1000mm x 700mm
  • 1148mm x 812mm
  • 1624mm x 1148mm
  • 1900 x 1300mm
  •  Frame Colour : White Frame
  •  Glass Frame


  • 100% Australian-made
  • White solvent paint is sprayed protecting the back of the artwork.
  • Perspex finish is near identical to glass finish yet lightweight
  • Finished with 100% hardwood timber frame