White Buffet Cabinets are the epitome of timeless sophistication. This chic piece can elevate any dining room into a glamorous space fit for royalty. Here are my top tips for creating a stunning display with a White Buffet Cabinet:

Tip 1: Begin by selecting a statement piece to anchor your display, such as a sculptural vase or a bold piece of artwork. Then, arrange your items around this focal point, playing with varying heights and textures to create visual interest. Finish off the display with a few accent pieces such as candles or greenery to add a touch of whimsy. See our Sebastian White Buffet below. 

White Buffet Cabinet

Tip 2: Don't be afraid to go bold with your decor choices! Mix and match different styles and textures to create an eclectic display that is uniquely you. For example, combine modern art pieces with vintage ceramics and metallic accents to create a display that is both chic and unexpected.

Tip 3: Incorporate lighting into your display by adding a statement table lamp or two. Not only will this add visual interest, but it will also provide much-needed task lighting for your dining room. Consider using lamps with unique shapes or finishes to really make a statement. Our best-selling Ariana White Buffet is shown below sporting two table lamps for a fabulous display. 

Ariana White Buffet | White Buffet

Tip 4: Use the power of three to create a balanced display. Divide your buffet cabinet into three distinct sections and fill each section with a different type of décor. This will create a cohesive look that is visually appealing and well-balanced.

Tip 5: Don't forget about the power of colour! While white buffet cabinets are timeless and chic, they can also benefit from a pop of colour. Consider incorporating colourful vases or ceramics into your display to add a playful touch of personality.

White and Gold Buffet

In summary, a White Buffet Cabinet is the perfect complement to any dining room, allowing you to showcase your unique style and personality in a chic and sophisticated way. With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to creating a stunning display that is sure to impress your guests.

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March 02, 2023 — Christopher Drew