Choosing the right furniture for a small apartment can dramatically transform its visual appeal and experience. With careful selection of space-saving and versatile pieces, along with attention to style and colour, the apartment can feel more spacious and inviting. 


Small Dining Tables: Intimate Gatherings:

In the realm of small spaces, intimate gatherings take centre stage. Embrace the benefits of a small dining table, where style and functionality meld effortlessly. These tables create an inviting atmosphere, fostering connections and conversation that transcend the boundaries of space.

Discover the Arlo Dining Table below, featuring a fabulous ribbed design in neutral white finish. A crowd favourite the Arlo Dining Table is available in 1.2m and 1.5m sizes.

Arlo White Dining Table

Slim Profile Console Tables: Artful Efficiency:

Within the realm of small spaces, slim profile console tables emerge as artful marvels. Their streamlined designs maximise visual impact while conserving precious space. These tables effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of any area, serving as stylish platforms for curated displays. Meticulously selected and positioned mirrors further elevate their allure, reflecting light and creating an illusion of expanded space. This harmonious combination of form and function brings a touch of sophistication to your small sanctuary.


Small Bedside Tables with Storage: Organisation Redefined:

In the world of small spaces, organisation reigns supreme. Small bedside tables with storage prove indispensable, striking the perfect balance between style and practicality. Embrace their hidden compartments and thoughtful design, offering discreet storage for night-time essentials. Opt for designs that exude elegance while maximizing space efficiency. 

Our Arielle Bedside Table in antique gold, adds a perfect splash of interest to a bedroom while being both fabulously compact and practical. 

Arielle Gold Bedside Table Small


Storage Ottomans: Dual Purpose Chic:

Unleash the power of dual-purpose chic with storage ottomans in your small space. These multifunctional gems serve as stylish seating options while discreetly concealing everyday essentials. Choose ottomans with hidden compartments, allowing for effortless organisation without compromising on style. Our Soho Ottoman in green adds storage and makes a wonderful addition of style for a bedroom or as extra seating in a living area.

Soho Storage Ottoman Green

Small Buffet Cabinets: Curated Elegance:

A buffet or sideboard is more than just a place to store everyday items - it can be an eye-catching statement piece that adds unique character and style to your living space. With the latest on-trend designs, you can jazz up any dining room with something both beautiful and functional. Small buffets tend to start at around 1.4 meters in length, a fabulous statement piece to anchor a living or dining area for a small apartment. 


Mirrors: Illusions of Space and Light:

Within the realm of small space design, mirrors reign as transformative treasures. Strategically positioned mirrors create an illusion of expanded space, amplifying natural light and imbuing the environment with an airy ambiance.  

May 22, 2023 — Christopher Drew