Melbourne Luncheon Abstract Art


Frame Colour

The Melbourne Luncheon Abstract Art captures the essence of a sumptuous gathering, featuring a setting adorned with rich fruits and a cocktail on a lattice tablecloth. Dominated by warm oranges and vibrant reds, this artwork evokes feelings of warmth, indulgence, and the lively buzz of a midday feast. It’s a sophisticated celebration of colour that brings the joy of communal dining into any space.

Please allow a 4-5 week delivery time as artwork is prepared by hand by trained artisans. 

Material Options: Glass, Perspex, or Canvas


  • 100% Australian-Made: Proudly produced locally with superior quality.
  • Perspex Finish: Mirrors the look of glass with the added benefit of being lightweight.
  • Glass Detailing: Offers a slightly superior finish upon close inspection, while Perspex boasts greater durability.
  • Box Frame: Both glass and Perspex prints are elegantly presented in a 20mm face and 40mm deep box frame.


  • Floater Frame: Each canvas print is meticulously mounted in a canvas floater frame, featuring a 10mm width on the face and 60mm depth, enhancing the art’s visual appeal.