Diva Gold Fashion Wall Art


Frame Colour

Introducing the 'Diva Gold Fashion Wall Art,' an embodiment of timeless allure. This black and white masterpiece captures a poised woman veiled in elegance, harmonising with the iconic Vogue insignia gracing its base. Elevate your space with an infusion of style and an allure that only the Diva Fashion Wall Art can bestow. 

Please allow a 4-5 week delivery time as artwork is prepared by hand by trained artisans.  



    • Framed Vogue Print - Designer Art Print
    • Choice of White Border
    • 100% Australian-made
    • White solvent paint is sprayed protecting the back of the artwork.
    • Perspex finish is near identical to glass finish yet lightweight
    • Glass slightly better finish close up, Perspex is more durable
    • Finished with 100% hardwood timber frame