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Limit the Number of Pieces within your Home

Buying fewer pieces of furniture surprisingly creates a sense of space, it allows the furniture to “breathe” so to speak and in turn creates calm in the mind. Less is more and excessive clutter pulls away from a luxurious look and feel. A secret of many luxury hotels is to limit the number of pieces to around 5 or 6. The good news is less pieces of furniture means spending less by buying fewer items, so you can spend a touch more on fewer pieces, such as the lounge, the living room rug, buffets, tables and art.

Take Advantage of Sales

Even luxury and high-end goods go on sale, and sales occur throughout the year. A high-end Coffee Table may retail for $1699 yet on sale you can often pick one up for around $999, the discount is significant and so timing your buying can make buying luxurious goods far more affordable. The good news is that when buying luxurious goods online there is often payment methods that require only a quarter deposit to get delivery of your goods, so a $999 table can cost just $250 plus shipping and it’s all interest-free.

Think Monochromatic on Colour

Once you have removed clutter, and you have some key furniture pieces in place, the home can feel lacking in personality, character and style. Consider your favourite colour or theme and then layering your furniture and décor to that. Beautiful hotels tend often to go monochromatic (single colour) but layering is what adds that sense of sophistication. Once you have achieved that foundation via layering then consider adding bright splashes of colour through perhaps an armchair, ornaments or artwork.  It’s important not to overdo the colour, just like in nature, you’re not often overwhelmed with too many colours in nature, so think monochrome and layering to achieve balance.

Sumptuous Symmetry 

It's comforting to the mind to walk into a room that feels in balance, it can be a breath of fresh air to see a harmonious sense of natural order created by the use of symmetry. Two bedside tables with matching table lamps or using twin mirrors at opposite sides of the room are a fabulous way to create a sense of luxury and sophistication to any space. 

See below: A sophisticated monochrome colour palette exhibiting symmetry with the art, the armchairs and the side tables creating balance. 

Luxurious Furniture | Luxury Furniture Sydney

Accessory Selection

One of the easiest ways to achieve a luxurious hotel style look is by selecting the right mix of accessories. Choose items that bring in at least three textures into the room: one plush, one glamorous (gold accents) and one natural. 

Add Artwork

Adding Artwork containing your theme colour can create a wonderful focal point while affecting the mood of the room. Oil paintings, original artworks and framed prints can be just the trick to add that sense of modern luxury and yet add you own sense of style to the room. 

Exciting Lighting

Key to creating a luxurious home interior and an area often overlooked is with lighting. All too often lighting takes a back seat and old non-descript chandeliers and pendant lights are kept when they’ve passed their “used-by” date. Why not try a sophisticated yet edgy Sputnik Pendant Light such as shown below and create an awe-inspiring impression with guests and transform the overall feel of an interior.

Hollywood Regency Style Furniture | Attica

Other Ideas

    Other fabulous ways to achieve a luxurious look and feel is if you’re fortunate enough to have a home exhibiting beautiful natural details such as crown moulding (ceiling detailing), high ceilings, drapery or a built-in fireplace, then you can seek furniture and decor to allow these fabulous details speak for themselves and easily achieve a luxurious look. 

    Without character built into your home, you needn't worry however, following just a few steps above will elevate your home interior to one that can captivate and inspire.. 



    October 01, 2019 — Attica Admin