Coronavirus Update

Due to the current situation, we wanted to keep you informed of the steps we've taken to continue to provide the very best service to you during this difficult time. Since we founded Attica, the wellbeing and happiness of our customers and staff have always come first - and today is no exception. We're an online retailer and we continue to run Attica from our home in Sydney and we'll continue to run Attica "Business as Usual" for the foreseeable future.

Our customers well-being is our primary focus and we want to let you know that you can request items to be left at your front door if required (place a comment when placing order or email, however most drivers in anycase are wearing masks for the safety of themselves and of course customers.

Notes on the Coronavirus

  • Items for sale have generally been imported from overseas pre-Dec 2019 (pre Coronavirus). So the products themselves and packaging is fine. The virus in anycase cannot survive on any surface for more than around 72 hours according to the NSW Health Department, so any shipped imported goods and the resultant packaging doesn't carry any risk of having the virus on the product itself.
  • Delivery delays are now possible however delays could on occasion result in a 8 day delivery turn into a say 14 day delivery. These delays to date have been fairly rare.
  • Many items once sold out can no longer be re-stocked, they will simply stay "sold out". This is due to the closure of many production centres overseas.
  • Most important of all the Attica Team wish you and your family the best of health during this difficult time and hope to serve you well in the future

    Christopher Drew - Attica Co-Owner