Coastal Apartment Wall Art



Introducing the Coastal Apartment Wall Art, a serene portrayal of an apartment perched on a cliff, with a breathtaking view of a quintessential European village below. The juxtaposition of pristine white architecture against the deep azure of the distant sea evokes a tranquil elegance. This piece is a gateway to relaxation, infusing any room with the sophisticated calm of a coastal escape.


Please allow a 4-6 week delivery time as artwork is prepared by hand by trained artisans.  



  • 100% Australian-made
  • Solvent UV curable ink
  • Finished with 100% hardwood timber Glass floater frame (60ml depth)


  • Medium Size: 700mm x 1000mm
  • Large: 915mm x 1525mm
  • 100% Australian-made
  • Extremely durable (no breakages)
  • Solvent UV curable ink printed directly on Perspex
  • White solvent paint is sprayed protecting the back of the artwork.
  • Finish is near identical to glass finish
  • Finished with 100% hardwood timber frame directly on Perspex