Attica’s products include luxurious furniture and décor including beautiful coffee and side tables, lighting, mirrors, art and more. Our pieces are often black, steel grey and white, rich blues & greens and then often fused with metal accents or glamorous accents of gold.

We adore pieces that have a hint of Hollywood Regency and we love Madison Avenue and Manhattan styling. While strong New York and Hollywood influences are apparent with our products, we also have a penchant for "lighter" styles such as "Classic Romance" (above) and "Hamptons" styles.

Why Choose Attica?

We carefully select furniture & decor that is unique, in line with world trends and we love selecting pieces that exude character or that have a special finish. Our products are often made in very limited numbers (such as furniture), and so you know that the piece you have purchased has a certain uniqueness to it. 

Our products can cost a little more than the lowest-priced retailers, but the rewards are significant. Buying Attica Furniture & Decor will mean a home that is full of character, a home with a timeless style, so you know that you'll have a wow-factor for yourself and for your guests for years to come. 

Attica Decor

New to Attica is our Xandra Cutlery Set shown below, adding a wonderful art-deco vibe to your dining. With a nod to the elegance of European modernism, the intriguingly chic design is sure to set off a sparkling dinner conversation. The Xandra cutlery set has elegant lines and curvaceous headed spoons, which combined with a layer of gold that sparkles under a dimly lit table light, it will be sure to transform your dining experience like no other cutlery set. 

Test 3 imageWe have an extensive range of decor including Cote Noire Home Fragrance (shown above), Glassware, Home Bar Essentials, Temple Jars, Photo Frames and gorgeous Mirrors and much more. 


"Glitz and Glamour" or "Light & Bright"?

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