Ideas to Excite!

These 5 Entryway Ideas will allow you to transform your entryway, create excitement with guests and create that “welcome home” feeling that we all love so much!

1) Start with the essentials

When deciding what elements to feature in your entryway, a good place to start is with a console table and table lamp. An essential piece to your entryway, the console allows you to showcase smaller treasures or adornments. It also provides an element of practicality without sacrificing aesthetic. When entering your home, you might have your keys or the mail in hand and need somewhere to set them down. A console table provides just the spot near your front door to set the items you need when coming in and going out. Your entryway may or may not already have an overhead light, even if it does, a nice table lamp to complement the console table creates soft and inviting lighting to give that warm welcome.

5 Entryway Ideas that will Excite

2) Add a little mirror magic!

Nothing makes a statement piece quite like a mirror. As entryways can often be a smaller transitional room or corridor, a mirror is a wonderful way to make the space appear bigger and brighter. Mirrors come in so many shapes, sizes and colours, you’re sure to find one to match the style of your home. An added bonus of a mirror that a piece of art can’t do, is provide a last look opportunity to pop on some lippy or make sure your hair is in place before you run out the door.


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3) Get creative with a Bar Cart?

Another entryway idea is a bar cart. You might be thinking, “a bar cart? I don’t want to send the wrong message to my guests...” Without regard to its name, a bar cart is a versatile and contemporary alternative to a console table. They are quite popular pieces at the moment and offer a multi-level display capability where a console table might fall short. Plus, the best part about them is if you aren’t satisfied with how it looks or feels in your entryway, you can always wheel it to a new room in your home to let it serve a new purpose.

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4) Make a Statement with Pendant Lighting

When we talk about first impressions, pendant lighting can make the best. A pendant light is the centre stage of your entryway. It draws attention upward, creating the illusion of space. It truly completes the room. That’s why picking the right style to fit your space is so important. If your entryway is big or small, a solo pendant or chandelier is likely to excite and delight. Or, if your entryway is more of a corridor style entryway, it’s a good idea to have multiple pendants to illuminate the space. No matter which style you choose, bold or refined, a pendant light will make a statement.

5) Add a Touch of Wow with Wall Art!

The final entryway idea is to decorate with a work of art. A special piece can be an easy way to showcase your style and taste. Much like pendant lighting, art is eye-catching and can add a pop of colour and flair to the space. Wall art provides more creative opportunity than a singular mirror. With art, you can feature a statement piece or a collection of pieces that tie your entryway together. When it comes to entryway ideas, whether it’s a console table or pendant light, remember to consider the size and nature of the space. Choose pieces you feel show off your style while offering a warm welcome. The possibilities to impress are truly endless.


January 22, 2021 — Christopher Drew