Coco Matte Original Gold Cutlery Set - 24pc


Our Coco Cutlery Set adds an art-deco vibe to your dining. With a nod to the elegance of European modernism, the intriguingly chic design is sure to set off a sparkling dinner conversation. The Coco cutlery set has elegant lines and curvaceous headed spoons, which combined with a layer of gold that sparkles under a dimly lit table light, it will be sure to transform your dining experience like no other cutlery set.

The set has a stainless steel base and an added layer of gold on the exterior. The set comes in 24 pieces allowing for a full 6-seated dinner occasion. 

***The Coco Cutlery set now comes in a stunning black wooden timber box, making for the perfect gift idea. See image below. 

Care Instructions:

  • Wash cutlery by hand and avoid dishwasher use if possible. 
  • The Coco cutlery set is handmade and so minute imperfections can be present albeit not visible to the naked eye. 

The Matte Gold Coco cutlery set is an Attica manufactured product.