Body Sketch Abstract Art


Frame Colour

Discover the allure of 'Body Stretch Abstract Line Art' - a captivating artwork that embodies minimalism and elegance in black and white. This piece masterfully utilizes line art to depict an abstract body form, resulting in a wonderful abstract creation. Its ability to capture attention is undeniable. Offering a subtle yet impactful presence, this artwork is a splendid addition to any interior, infusing it with a sense of sophisticated luxury.

Please allow a 4-5 week delivery time as artwork is prepared by hand by trained artisans.  



  • 574mm x 812mm
  • 700mm x 1000mm
  • 812mm x 1148mm
  • 915mm x 1295mm
  • 1000mm x 1400mm (canvas only)


    • 100% Australian-made
    • Printed on 100gsm acid free cotton canvas
    • Solvent UV curable ink
    • Finished with 100% hardwood timber canvas floater frame (60mm depth)


    • 100% Australian-made Solvent UV curable ink printed directly on 2-3mm float glass
    • White solvent paint is sprayed to protect the back of the artwork to ensure best possible finish Achieves a glossier, sharper finish
    • Finished with 100% hardwood timber frame.